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The nikru is an independent and dynamic media for reflecting the events of Iran and the world in various fields of culture, social and technology.
Need an X-ray in Perth? At Imaging Central we use the latest digital X-ray equipment that give in optimum image quality at high resolution, with less radiation exposure due to advanced technology.
Be your own boss. Whether you are an employee or running a corporate, broadband Ptcl has much to give you. The internet speed affects the productivity in any firm or corporate as without a good broadband, achieving the required target may not be easy. In the rapidly moving world of science and technology, having the…
Born in 1869 through a merger of two banks, standard chartered bank Pakistan has been expanding its trade network for over a decade. The bank laid its foundation even before the independence of Pakistan and has managed to earn the ultimate success within the first years of the country’ creation. James Wilson, a founder of…
Opening a bank account in Pakistan was never so easier until the 20s when the banking industry realized the need for making banking industry convenient for every person in the community. Replacing the long-hassle free procedure by limiting the requirements for opening the bank account, the industry experts have introduced lenient policies that are designed…
Progressing in this modern world and acquiring knowledge of latest invention and technologies cannot be achieved without a reliable internet connection. Connecting with the world is very significant and can only be achieved with a broadband connection. Pakistan telecommunication limited is the pioneer internet service provider who has been excellent in terms of their unmatched…

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